Custom Websites & SEO Support

New Sites
25 Hours Consulting proudly creates stunning, professional websites from start to finish. "Free" or low-cost DIY websites may sound great, but to represent yourself well and attract the right customers, you need a clean, modern, and perfectly functioning website that delivers an excellent and memorable user experience. 

Our website packages are uniquely structured and competitively priced to make the process as easy as possible. We're not like other agencies:

  • Many agencies charge $150+ per hour or more than $5,000-10,000 up front to start your project, and they charge for the time spent in consultations and design meetings.
  • Many agencies charge anywhere from $7,500 to $30,000 for an advanced website that will allow you to make your own changes when it's finished — meaning they aren't there to help you if you run into technical issues (at least not without an additional fee)
  • For completely custom sites that are tailored specifically to your unique needs and are meant to grow and evolve with your business, many agencies charge anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 and up! 
  • Once your site is finished and you've paid the full cost, many agencies will keep you on the hook for a recurring monthly fee that can include anything from hosting to maintenance while not actively managing the content of your site itself. This not only keeps the site under their control and ultimate ownership, but it means you don't know exactly what you're paying for, and the performance of your site over time may be neglected. 

At 25 Hours Consulting, we acknowledge that small business owners have limited time and resources, and may not want to have to manage their own site once it's done. You need a partner who can handle this all for you, without charging you a huge monthly fee, right?

  • We charge one affordable rate for our websites, not an hourly fee. And the rate we charge would be equivalent to less than half of most agencies' hourly fees if you broke it down that way.
  • Our fee for standard websites is broken down into three affordable payments over a three-month term. Three months is the standard time we allow for completing a basic website project, leaving ample time for consultations and design meetings that are all included in the price. Time frames may be adjusted for projects of larger scope.
  • Once the site is paid in full, if you want to be off the hook, you can be off the hook. Of course, we'll make recommendations as your trusted partner for ways that we can keep your site functioning optimally moving forward, but we'll present options and let you choose. You're never locked into an ongoing commitment beyond the completion of the initial project.

For more information on the website design process, pricing, or to schedule a consultation and request your own stunning website, click any of the buttons above.

Existing Sites
If you've already got a site that you manage or that somebody else can easily access on your behalf, such as a site built in Squarespace, WordPress, or GoDaddy for example, then let 25 Hours Consulting take a look at your layout, functionality, and SEO to make sure your site is performing as it should.

Many companies have decent websites that, sadly, go virtually undetected by the major search engines. It's one thing to slap a few pages together and tell people where to go — but you want people who don't know about you to find you when they're searching for the things you provide. Let the internet do the work (so that your website isn't lost in the endless void of cyberspace).

If your website isn't bringing you business, it's not working. To request a consultation, click here