The Website Design Process

25 Hours Consulting wants you to feel comfortable and confident — not confused — throughout the entire process of building your stunning new website. We believe in total transparency, which is why the entire process is laid out below so that you can decide for yourself whether we deserve to be your trusted partner.

Month 1.png

Month 1

Upon deciding that 25 Hours Consulting is the right website partner, you would request a consultation to discuss your vision for the project. A 25 Hours consultant would call you and walk you through the basics — our specialties, what we provide, and how we can accomplish your goal. 

After the preliminary phone call, if you feel that 25 Hours Consulting can provide excellent service and exceed your expectations, and if we have the capacity to take on your project, then the consultant assigned to you will put together a few samples and basic designs based on your vision and set an appointment to review things with you. This initial design meeting will be a collaborative, hands-on process, in which the consultant will work side-by-side with you to pinpoint your preferences for style, features, fonts, formatting, color schemes, functionality, and more. Most importantly, your consultant will listen to what you're about, getting a feel for the purpose and needs of the project and the type of message you wish to communicate.

Unlike what you'll find with many other agencies, this consultation is complimentary. 25 Hours Consulting believes in winning your business and we want to make sure the entire experience feels like the right fit. If you like what you see and wish to move forward after this initial consultation, we'll build your package and send you a proposal. Once you sign and accept, a deposit equal to 25% of the total project cost will be due. This will start the clock ticking and carry you through the first 30 days of your project, where we'll continue to build the framework, basic navigation, and function of your website. The remaining balance of the project can be broken down into three monthly installments.

Month 2

Shortly after the first 30 days of your project, your design consultant will reach out to update you on the progress. Additional meetings are optional, but always complimentary. At this stage, the basic structure and function are usually in place and the introduction of content begins. Your consultant will discuss with you whether or not you have existing content, wish to write your own content, or wish to have it written for you. The total costs of your website project depend on your answers to those questions and your ability to furnish usable content in a timely manner. 

"Content" pertains to the text, images, descriptions, services, or products featured on your page. Depending on your industry, you may have a lot of content or you may prefer to keep things simple. Your consultant is knowledgeable in the best practices for high-quality websites and will make recommendations in regard to the amount of text and images there should be, the ideal presentation, and more. 

Month 2.png

Month 3.png

Month 3

The final month of the project is devoted to fine-tuning, stylizing, and testing. Assuming all content has been loaded, your consultant will begin analyzing your keyword usage, native and local SEO, page navigation and speed, and triple-checking all the details to make sure the formatting is cohesive and consistent throughout, ensuring a top-notch visitor experience. 

At this stage, the consultant will schedule another meeting with you to demo the website for you and make sure you're happy with everything. Then you'll discuss next steps or final arrangements: do you prefer to have the site completely handed over, say goodbye to us and make updates yourself, or do you prefer to let an expert manage the site for you on a pay-as-you-go basis? Once your site is finished, are you comfortable with the "if you build it, they will come" mentality of just letting it sit there, without maintaining it, and hoping for the best? Or would you prefer to have a trusted partner perform monthly and quarterly check-ups and make updates when necessary to keep your site alive?

The direction of this conversation will determine whether the relationship continues after project completion, which would be the start of a new agreement. Regardless, at the end of the third month, your 90-day project timeline is complete and final payments become due.

Things to Keep in Mind

As stated in our Terms of Service, there are certain fees associated with owning a website which are not included in the cost of designing the site. These fees are the responsibility of the client and should be considered additional expenses. Because we don't pay your hosting or subscription fees, this means you retain control of your site. We will still continue to service it as needed without requiring ownership control. 

  1. The client is responsible for securing their own domain. For new websites, we recommend purchasing one at the time of the initial consultation (upon deciding to move forward with the project). This will prevent slowdowns and setbacks as we begin the process of designing and building your site.

    If we are transferring an existing domain/site, the client will need to provide contact information and account information for their current web hosting company as well as the company where the site was designed. 25 Hours Consulting will need to contact both entities to terminate the relationship with the existing web provider and to transfer the hosting to the redesigned site. 
  2. The client is also responsible for the monthly website platform fee (costs vary depending on size of site, but usually range from $20-30 per month). A credit card must be provided before the start of the project. 
  3. 25 Hours Consulting is not responsible for any technical issues or delays that arise from a client's failure to secure a domain, hosting service, or remit monthly subscription payments. Upon signing the website contract, you release 25 Hours Consulting from any such liability.
  4. The examples above represent the term of a standard website project. Intermediate and advanced website projects with a larger scope of work may require a longer term for execution and completion.