For your next content marketing project, whether you need ongoing blog support or a resume makeover, you should trust that you have the best professionals working around the clock for you. Our team has true passion for helping bring clients' ideas to life with precision, creativity, and personal service. 


Hi, I’m Jessica, creator of 25 Hours Consulting. A former corporate marketing professional by day and freelance artist and entrepreneur by night, I’ve dreamed of building my own vehicle for helping others for several years. 

With a background in languages and the arts, it has always been easy to put a creative spin on my work in the business world. Lending a fresh new perspective to ordinary workplace concepts significantly contributed to my professional growth and development. I've become extremely passionate about the nuances of communication through all mediums and to various audiences. No matter the purpose or goal, oftentimes effective communication can make all the difference in customer experience and retention. 

That’s how 25 Hours was born. I blend my passion for helping others with my love of all things communication, and it's fulfilling to know the relationships we create here are enriching lives and communities through business.  In an era where so many professionals are striking out on their own or just taking on more responsibilities to provide for their families, almost everyone could use a hand managing not only their day-to-day responsibilities, but whichever aspect of their business that might not come naturally to them. From blogging and content marketing to organizational tips and that little something 'extra,' creative insights are what I hope to provide. My goal is to help others illustrate their dreams with stand-out marketing services that highlight the greatness within their businesses. 

Founding Contributor

As Founding Contributor, Andrew has played a major role in the development of the website and graphic elements for 25 Hours Consulting. With a career in web development, graphic design, multimedia, and photography, Andrew’s background and specialty are firmly rooted in graphic and web design. By providing the firm with the tools necessary to expand its reach, Andrew plays a vital role in the 25 Hours' client experience. All photography services for 25 Hours Consulting are proudly provided by Andrew’s company, MTI Photography, LLC, a popular local firm and 25 Hours' premier photography partner.  

MTI Photography offers exclusive discounts for customers referred by 25 Hours Consulting. Click here for more information.

Business Coordinator

Stefanie brings over ten years of customer service, banking, and treasury management experience to the 25 Hours table. With a degree in business administration and a yellow belt Six Sigma certification, Stefanie is seen as a go-to resource in her areas of professional focus. Stefanie currently resides in the Harrisburg, PA area and enjoys many outdoor activities, including hiking and golfing. Always focused on professional growth, Stefanie is excited to play an increased role in the firm as she contributes to its expansion.