Content Review & Analysis

Maybe you already have a great website, active blog, or strong concept for your next piece. Maybe you've come down with a classic case of writer's block, or perhaps you just want a second opinion. Well, that's why they say "two heads are better than one!"

Our content review service is designed to evaluate what's already there and help you mold it into something more. When you and your marketing department aren't in agreement, or when you are the marketing department and you need to take a step back and refocus, let 25 Hours provide an unbiased critique of your work. Once we've determined your purpose and intended audience, we'll provide the insight and recommendations to get your piece ready for publication. Or if you want us to step in and make some revisions, we can certainly do that too. 

We provide a consultative approach designed to meet your level of comfort and project ownership. Contact us today for a free consultation.