Happy Holidays from 25 Hours Consulting

It's the Season of Giving

Regardless of religion or culture, the December holiday season is one of the most beautiful and festive times of year, and it's our personal favorite. That's why we're in the giving spirit. Our first year in business is kicking off swimmingly, and we'd like to give back by announcing a special holiday promotion on some of our most popular services. 

Be Good to Yourself or Someone You Know

Are you currently immersed in the job market like it's your second full-time job? Do you know friends or colleagues who are looking but finding it difficult to get quality job leads because of the time it takes to manage the process?

If you really want to get in front of the right employers, a stand-out resume should be your first priority (check out this blog post from earlier this year to learn more). Sometimes a cover letter to accompany said resume goes a long way. But beyond that, many people don't know what to do next. Gone are the days of calling employers to see if they're hiring and mailing or emailing your resume, then waiting for a call back. This is the generation of proactive and competitive job seekers!

There are several popular, well-known job boards that employers frequent, scouring profiles for the likes of people like you. But if your profile doesn't stand out and your resume isn't uploaded or pasted correctly, your profile is likely to drift to the bottom of their scouting list. Furthermore, if your preferences aren't accurate and your settings aren't optimized, you run the risk of misrepresenting yourself and doing yourself the disservice of not getting substantially and efficiently notified when there's a position that's up your alley.

This Is Where We Come In

Because all of the resume and cover letter reviewing can get tedious (especially when you have multiple versions of your resume), and because the job boards can be tricky and even more time-consuming, 25 Hours Consulting isn't just a resume preparation service - we offer added value by managing the search process for you. Using the information from your resume to populate your job board profiles in the most professional and optimal way, we'll also make sure that your settings reflect the kinds of notifications that you want - so good news comes to your inbox without you having to filter through dozens, if not hundreds, of irrelevant messages. 

You're so much more likely to get hired when you trust professionals (who have been there and done that more times than we can count) with an unbiased, objective view who can make you stand out, make you look like you're at the top of your game, make you appealing to prospective employers, and save you precious time by managing the process expertly and calmly. 

What Past Job-Seekers Have Said About Our Service:

"I want to let you know how appreciative I am of your outstanding professionalism. I begin my new full-time position tomorrow with the job I wanted! You really listened to me and understood what I wanted to communicate, and put it together in a very appealing way, which I would not have been able to do. I will highly recommend you to anyone in need of resume preparation." 
L.V., Moorestown

“25 Hours Consulting provided a very personal service by formatting my resume in an eye-catching way that highlighted my strengths and capabilities. It was presented with such efficiency that I actually received a call for an interview within days of submitting it with a job application! I highly recommend this company for anyone who values service that is both professional and individual, customized to meet your needs and delivered with care and proficiency.”
D.N., Mount Laurel

“The consultants of 25 Hours Consulting are dependable, capable, intelligent, and most importantly, in tune with the wants and needs of others; very happy to help, and always looking to improve everyone’s situation. I would recommend a business relationship with this company to anyone.”
M.H., Williamstown

Wrapped With a Bow

For a limited time only, enjoy 50% OFF all resume and job board posting services. Contact us about your needs using this form, tell us how you heard about us, and like us on Facebook - and just like that - you can reserve anywhere from 2-5 hours' worth of resume preparation and job board services for yourself or a friend. Give us a ring for more details or to secure arrangements - but don't wait - this deal won't last long!

Happy Holidays!